Invicts Reviews In-Dash Navigation Transform Your Ride: Tundra Tesla Radio Guide for LINKSWELL Gen IV T-Style 12.1 Inch Radio Replacement

Transform Your Ride: Tundra Tesla Radio Guide for LINKSWELL Gen IV T-Style 12.1 Inch Radio Replacement

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Upgrading your vehicle with the latest technology can transform your driving experience. The Tundra Tesla Radio LINKSWELL Gen IV Guide offers an in-depth look at how to elevate your vehicle’s multimedia system with a T-Style 12.1 Inch Radio Replacement [0]. This upgrade is not just about enhancing the audio experience; it’s about integrating your Tundra with functionalities found on platforms like Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram, making it a hub of connectivity on the move [0].

As we dive into the features and installation process, readers will discover the seamless integration and user-friendly interface that make the LINKSWELL Gen IV T-Style Radio a sought-after upgrade among Tundra owners. The guide also compares this cutting-edge device with alternatives, providing a comprehensive viewpoint on how to best enhance your vehicle’s infotainment system [0].

Key Features

The LINKSWELL Gen IV T-Style 12.1 Inch Radio Replacement brings a suite of advanced features to the Tundra, enhancing the driving experience with modern technology and connectivity. Key features include:

  • Comprehensive Connectivity Options: Offering GPS navigation, HDMI, Bluetooth, USB, AUX, and WiFi support, this unit ensures you’re always connected. The addition of AM/FM Radio with RDS, alongside steering wheel control compatibility, enhances user convenience 12.
  • High-Performance Hardware: With a PX6 Six-Core CPU, 4GB RAM, and 64GB memory, the system delivers smooth and responsive operation. The 12.1″ HD touch screen with 1024*768 resolution provides clear and vibrant visuals 2.
  • Smartphone Integration and Camera Support: Mirror link with ZLINK facilitates Apple Carplay and Android Auto, seamlessly integrating your smartphone for hands-free control and access to apps. Additionally, the system supports aftermarket front, rear, or right cameras, offering enhanced visibility and safety 12.

These features, combined with a plug-and-play installation process and compatibility with 2014 to 2020 Tundra models, make the LINKSWELL Gen IV T-Style Radio a transformative upgrade for your vehicle 12.

Installation Process

The installation process of the LINKSWELL Gen IV T-Style 12.1 Inch Radio Replacement is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring Tundra owners can upgrade their vehicle’s infotainment system with ease. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Preparation and Removal:
    • Begin by disconnecting the negative battery terminal to ensure safety 11.
    • Remove the lower panel, climate control, and factory radio by carefully detaching the console’s upper and lower sections, and disconnecting the AC unit and all wiring 8911.
    • Transfer necessary components such as yellow clips, plastic clips, traction control, flashers, and auto start-stop buttons from the old unit to the new one 811.
  2. Connecting the New Radio:
    • Attach the LINKSWELL radio harness to the vehicle’s wiring, including the climate control harness and GPS connection. Ensure the tundra climate cable, emergency light cable, radio antenna, and other necessary cables are securely connected 89.
    • Install the microphone on the A-pillar and place the nav antenna near the air vents for optimal signal reception 8.
    • For added functionality, connect the aux input, factory oxide, camera, and factory reverse camera as provided in the harness. Additionally, an extension may be required for proper mounting 89.
  3. Finalizing Installation:
    • Mount the LINKSWELL radio using two existing 10mm screws and ensure all wires are neatly tucked in and connected 8.
    • Program the climate controls and adjust the seat and steering wheel settings through the system settings tab to match your preferences 810.
    • Test the steering wheel controls and ensure all connected features, including the added front camera if applicable, are working correctly 58.

This plug-and-play solution, requiring no wiring splicing, simplifies the upgrade process, making it accessible for Tundra owners to enhance their vehicle’s multimedia experience 5.

User Experience and Reviews

The LINKSWELL Gen IV T-Style 12.1 Inch Radio Replacement has generated a diverse range of user experiences and reviews, reflecting both its strengths and areas for improvement. Here’s a breakdown of the key points from user feedback:

  • Performance and Functionality:
    • Positive aspects include the radio’s comprehensive connectivity options, high-performance hardware, and smartphone integration features, which have been praised for enhancing the driving experience 12.
    • However, users have reported potential incompatibility with other aftermarket CANBUS devices and issues with OBD Fusion and OBD readers when using the LINKSWELL Gen IV radio 12.
  • Software and Compatibility:
    • Some users have encountered poor software performance in similar radios, with specific complaints about compatibility issues with Google Maps and Google Go, as well as cutting off the beginning of songs and inconsistent temperature display 12.
    • The difficulty in setting the time accurately and losing Toyota Connected Services, including remote start, stop, lock, unlock, and tracking via a smartphone app, have also been noted as significant drawbacks 12.
  • Ratings and Customer Service:
    • The LINKSWELL Gen IV T-Style Radio has received mixed reviews, with an average rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars from 156 global ratings. While 50% of the customers awarded it a 5-star rating, 16% expressed dissatisfaction with a 1-star rating 13.
    • Negative feedback on customer service and product functionality has been highlighted, alongside issues with customer service from Phoenix 513.

This feedback underscores the importance of considering both the advantages and potential challenges when considering the LINKSWELL Gen IV T-Style Radio as an upgrade option for your vehicle.

Comparisons with Alternatives

When comparing the LINKSWELL Gen IV T-Style Radio to its alternatives, several key differences emerge, particularly in terms of customization, boot-up time, sound quality, price, display size, and compatibility:

  • Customization and Boot-up Time:
    • LINKSWELL Gen IV: Limited home screen customization, no theme changing feature, 30-second boot-up time 15.
    • Phoenix Radio: Highly customizable home screen with various themes, Fastboot technology with 2-8 seconds boot-up time 15.
  • Sound Quality and Price:
    • LINKSWELL Gen IV: Features a 45 watt amp, priced around $1,300 1516.
    • Alternatives: Phoenix radio enhances stock system sound quality; Pioneer AVH-2440NEX ($250), Kenwood DDX9905S ($450), Alpine iLX-W650 ($300) offer varied pricing and features 1516.
  • Display Size and Compatibility:
    • LINKSWELL Gen IV: 10.1 inches display, compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and SiriusXM 16.
    • Alternatives: Pioneer AVH-2440NEX (7 inches), Kenwood DDX9905S (6.8 inches), Alpine iLX-W650 (7 inches); compatibility varies, with most supporting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto 16.

These comparisons highlight the diverse range of features, pricing, and compatibility options available to Tundra owners, enabling them to make an informed decision tailored to their specific needs and preferences.


The exploration into the LINKSWELL Gen IV T-Style 12.1 Inch Radio Replacement underscores its transformative potential for Tundra owners, providing a gateway to unparalleled connectivity and multimedia experiences. By dissecting the key features, installation process, user feedback, and comparisons with alternatives, we’ve navigated the intricate landscape of vehicle infotainment enhancement. This comprehensive guide illuminates the path for those seeking to modernize their ride with a fusion of technology and convenience, highlighting the significant uplift in user experience this upgrade can offer.

Understanding the broader implications, it is evident that the choice of infotainment system plays a crucial role in defining the modern driving experience. While the LINKSWELL Gen IV presents a compelling option with its robust features and user-friendly installation, the mixed user reviews and comparative insights offer valuable perspectives for potential upgraders. As technology continues to evolve, further research and advancements are anticipated, promising even greater integration and functionality for vehicle multimedia systems. This guide aims to serve as a foundational resource, empowering Tundra owners to make informed decisions that align with their technology aspirations and driving needs.


How can I update my Linkswell Gen 4 T-Style radio? To update your Linkswell Gen 4 radio, start by booting up the unit. Then, insert a USB drive with the update file into one of the radio’s USB inputs. The system will detect the update file and prompt you with an alert to confirm the update. Select ‘yes’ to initiate the update process.

What constitutes a T-Style radio? A T-Style radio is a type of car radio that is designed to match the factory dash bezel for a seamless look, essentially giving the impression that it came with the vehicle. These radios are built into large Android tablet screens that fit into the dashboard, providing an impressive and modern touch to your car’s interior.

Is wireless CarPlay available with Linkswell radios? Yes, Linkswell offers a wireless CarPlay adapter that enables you to use Apple CarPlay without any cables. To use it, simply plug the CarPlay dongle into any USB port connected to the radio, install the AutoKit app, pair with the dongle’s Bluetooth signal, and you’ll be able to wirelessly control CarPlay through your Linkswell radio.


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